Didn’t celebrate fourth of july because I don’t care about the country or the government. Are we supposed to celebrate a bunch of old white men with slaves who wanted to be “free” from the rule of others to do whatever they wanted? This country was built on the corpses of Natives and the hard labour of slaves. And now it’s ruled by corporation petty billionaires who only care about making more money at the expense of the middle and poor classes. So, no, fuck this country I am not celebrating anything. Anyone who isn’t awake yet is a total sheet. If they can’t see the reality of things for how it is, that will be their problem.

In other news, today turned out to be a good day after all. It wasn’t as dreadful as I thought it would be, which I guess is a nice surprise because I like to be proved wrong. Not that I should think negatively anyway, but it is always nice when the opposite of what we thought would happen ends up being the case.

Hope that the weather is good on Saturday because I need to go to the beach and relax. I continue to build more lean muscle each week that goes by, so that is making me feel good about myself. Tomorrow should be an easy day as well, this week turned out to be pretty great after all. I am not complaining. And the weekend looks promising so I am very excited. The only thing that I am dreading right now is just having enough money to pay off school. That day needs to hurry up and it needs to come fast because I cannot keep on waiting. I am so close to my goal so naturally, I am getting very impatient. I think that the gift to myself will either be a new laptop or a bottle of champagne. Whichever I am in the mood for! But probably the champagne to be honest. I am so tired of spending money on things that I do not need, which is the fallacy of many across the country. Buying things that they know they won’t be needing at all…for what? I’m not sure.

More later.