Nothing went according to plan. This morning I found out that I was ratted on. I logged on into my timesheet and saw that the times were edited. Caught and exposed. No matter. I decided then and there that I would quit Monday…and then I pondered about the awkwardness that would result if I went into the building that day and ran into the boss. Not good; an akward situation. That is why she supposedly had a meeting in the same place I was going to be in on Monday…I was going to be warned. I consulted with a co-worker before making a decision, and was told that the warning was going to come down hard on me. Not if I can help it. The decision was made to enter the building today, drop off work property, and collect my personal belongings. So I did. The only fact I was not counting on was that the alarm went off and I did not have the code. My body flew into fight or flight. I sent a savage resignation latter, copied her boss, and a staff from HR. I collected my few personal belongings and ran out the back door, galloping down the frozen steel stairway, and jumped into the waiting car downstairs. Like a scene from a movie. My mouth and lips were as dry as the desert. And with that, this short, insignificant period of my life ended.
Karma is going to assault the cunt that ratted on me; I still recognize that this was also my fault, but still, I had her back. Too bad she did not have mine. Her current sufferings are only preludes of what is to come.

Next week, I will find out what the fallout from today will be. I have two contacts that are going to let me know…but this is only for curiosity. Nothing is going to affect me. Nothing in that building was taken. So to the firemen hoping for some action and mystery; sorry to disappoint. My conscience is clean.

Although we now have been screwed out of half a paycheck, it will not be significant enough for any major set backs. We are still on track to end this debt war by the end of June. Three more months of struggles and it will all be worth it. I much rather have had it end in March, but at this hour of dejection, I’ll take any tiny ray of light that I can foresee in the future.

Good riddance.