First day of orientation; long, but wonderful. Looking forward to what this agency has to offer.
Snow hit the ground this morning, all looked wonderful…but it has now since melted. They say winter will be dry and cold, but only time will tell.

The deplorable king continues to install petty billionares who have never struggled in their lives as cabinet members. These are the vermin that are going to destroy America. Impatience has taken over; would like to see, immediately, the deep regrets of the working and struggling class that cast their filthy votes for these swine.

Deleted the budget sheets compiled during summer…at this point, they are useless. They say that the best way to make the Universe laugh is to make plans. And so I shall not make plans. Things will be handled on a month to month basis, and financial plans will change.

Holidays will be here soon; presents are of the essence. This year, the discount stores will be seeing me! Anxiety looms; my boyfriend said the family we are spending part of Christmas eve is very wealthy. If any talks of politics ensue, it would bring extreme discomfort and awkwardness. How to deal with that situation? It will be necessary to ask him what their stances are. Enough about politics! So fed up…yet they persist, more than ever.

More nonsense later, as always.