The month has barely begun and everything is already a mess. I caught grandma talking about me yesterday; I pretended to be asleep on the couch while she launched into her whisper rant in the kitchen to grandpa. To think that I helped her with house chores and bought her cookies the other day…only to be called a “manipulator,” and “disrespectful.” How? Who am I trying to manipulate? I have no insurance, have not started my new job yet, and am not making any money. What would the purpose of this manipulation be? She knew I was not feeling well since two days ago. What an ungrateful world. Well, I should like to say that she has damaged her bridge with me.

The drama contiunes to extend as far as South America. Nobody seems to be immune from it.

Auntie wants palm trees to cover her yard for a more discreet view; but the bill arrived at 20,000$. Her hubby had a fit. And today her 8,000$ Persian rugs have been lost in the mail…oh. Our final hopes at making it are dwindling before our eyes and ears. She simply must allocate all resources immediately…but I am afraid it might not work, for he has to put money into this.

The deplorable king continues to plug established men into his cabinet…so much for draining the swamp. If his supporters have not noticed by now that he scammed them, just like he scammed many in his casinos, hotels, and fake University, I truly feel sorry for them. Their time for punishment will come…and it is he who will be punishing them. Just deserts.

I continue to plan and think about my finances. Two more days and I will finally begin my new job. About time too.

The cold weather has come to stay…oh. I wonder how long I will continue to last in this madness.