Yesterday evening, the Nazi governor of Indiana, now vice-president elect, attended a play in Broadway. What ensued, is a wonderful example of the backlash from a betrayed people. The boos and jeers from the audience were delightful, but the most satisfying turn of events came when an actor on stage vociferated the concerns of millions of minorities across the country; and delivered a direct jab by highlighting the new administration’s lack of concern to protect the vulnerable peoples of the United States.

On another theater, the basket of deplorables have begun an already failed campaign against Starbucks. During the election, the Starbucks CEO publicly voiced his opposition to emperor deplorable Trump, and now, his basket of deplorables are “boycotting” the coffee company by having baristas write his name on their ordered drinks. There is no doubt that these groups of republicans are the most imbelice people on earth. You cannot boycott a company by giving it profits. In the end, it is Starbucks who is having the last laugh, as their sales continue to prosper, perhaps even more from this so called campaign.

Many predict a disastrous presidency. The fact that these events are ocurring and his presidency has not yet begun is a sign of the times. Millions of brave women are planning to march on Washington DC during innauguration day. It is certain that many more will march to protest this travesty.

However, on another note, many analysts are beginning to come to terms with the events that have happened. Many are blaming the Democratic party for this betrayal; and perhaps the Democrats are at fault after all. Although my loyalty towards the candidate of truth Hillary Clinton will not waiver, a side of her represents the neo-liberal elite that only concerns itself with profits by networking and affiliations. They say her foundation is corrupt; and it may be so. Perhaps this is truly why the working class people of the rural areas that flipped their votes to the emperor deplorable Trump did what they did. Let us look back at the Bill Clinton campaign and election; some southern and midwest states were won. Even during the Obama election, although the southern states remained mostly red, the Democrats could still rely on midwest states for votes. The fact that four of these midwest states were lost is concerning. It is their job to regain the faith of the people in those areas. Do not prosper from the elite; do not serve the profiteers. Work for the people; work on bringing jobs back and to improve the conditions of the working class. There is a lot to be done until the next election. Still, it brings me solace to know that this will be one of the last elections where the old generation votes. It is now time to do away with the ancient generation that does not vote for the future. Indeed, a better future cannot be created by attempting to bring the past, and this is what the people have done by voting for the emperor deplorable. Millions and millions of people ages 18-26 voted for the candidate of truth Hillary Clinton…an overwhelming majority, in fact. The problem lies in the traitors; the working class (which can be won over again) and the old generation that is still clutching to their primitive and conservative societal beliefs. Once this generation begins to die off, it will provide a slight advantage to the Democrats. Still, it is important to learn from what happened during this election and know that the working people of this country, among others, have the power to flip votes and determine the outcome of elections.