I arrived to Dominican Republic last Saturday only to find out that Hillary Clinton was due to arrive shortly after. What a coincidence from the Universe. Looks like this trip came at a good time for both of us. She must be reeling from the treachery from the voters who turned their backs on the Democratic party. Interestinly enough, during a breakfast and lunch sit down at the apartment, the conversation took a macabre turn when my auntie’s husband spoke about the Cubans voting for Trump in Florida. No doubt that these votes tipped the scale in his favor. They too, will pay with their own blood.
I found out that family members also voted for him; they can forget that I exist. They are no family of mine.
The outcome of this election has inspired me to get involved, somehow, in my community. I detest politics, but when the future is at stake, there is nothing that we can do other than to fight and become active. I hope that this election has inspired many across the world to become more active in their communities. Mereover, I hope that it has also taught many more about the importance of voting.

The weather here has been lovely, for the most part. Last night, we watched the super moon, in all its enchanting mysticism. It was one of those moments where I was surely glad to be experiencing this strange, inexplicable existence. In any case, I have decided to put my existentialist questions and doubts aside, permanently, and go about with my business. No amount of thinking and rationalizing is going to solve or answer the mystery of life. It will remain a mystery; and this is the way that the Universe wants it so.

I received an email from the lab, offering a lame apology for their mishaps. I replied promptly with dryness, that they should be the ones to pay for my emergency room bill. Let’s see what they say to that. No doubt that I will reply with an even dryer response.

Days here go by quickly; it’s as if I am in a time warp. Life here is very lazy and carefree, as it should be on an island. I did yoga by the beach cove today, and it was truly calming. I will continue this ritual until the time comes to leave. But even still, it is something that I should be doing in the summer time as well. Indoor yoga can be very dull and not as spiritual as outdoor yoga. For there is no experience of fresh air, outdoor noise, and the outdoor scenery.

More later…here’s hoping to many more things to be able to blog about as time goes by.