What a monstrous betrayal by the American people. So many of us are in shock and disbelief over the outcome of the election. Everyone will agree that Donald Trump was not even expecting this victory; as is evident by the photos that are circulating social media. This proves, without a doubt, that this country is half-full of hate. This was already a known fact, but now, Trump has normalized the public display of bigotry. The outcome also proves that the folly of men knows no boundaries. Nevermind that Hillary was corrupt; all politicians are corrupt and lie. However, when a candidate bases their campaign on the foundations of bigotry and hate, and manages to get elected, it speaks volumes about the many who voted for him. It brings me solace to know that she obtained more votes than he did. The protests and the overwhelming reaction from people on and off of social media is also comforting. Still, it does not erase the damage that he has done. A billion apologies will not erase the shock waves that minorities across the country are reeling from; and it has not truly begun.

When I became an American citizen on August of 2015, I was so proud of having achieved this personal goal. I knew, finally, that after many years of legal residency, I was now a citizen of the best country in the world. But after Tuesday, I feel ashamed, like so many, of the painful slap in the face that we received from those who clearly stated, through their votes, that they do not care, nor will ever care, about the struggles and pain that minorities go through. I am disturbed by these people, who are anti immigrant and full of ignorance. They only know and remember what is convenient to them. Everyone knows that the anglo saxons took over this country from the Native Americans. Their minds have been clouded by the hateful rhetoric and demagoguery of someone who has absolutely no experience in the field, and has proven to be unfit for the highest office in the land. He used his hateful rhetoric to obtain votes, and nothing will take back what he has said.

I am fearful for all minorities of this country, which must be protected. This is not about Republicans or Democrats or Independents or other parties; this is about the fact that a man who publicly made statements of hate managed to become the president of the greatest country in the world. But this is what half of America is; uneducated and/or ignorant individuals who have been brainwashed by hundreds of years of generational hate. This is what the other half has to deal with. But we will rise; we will fight against hate and for what we believe is right. We will fight to protect the rights of those who are vulnerable. We will fight with determination, love, peace, and dignity. I condemn all violence; let us not give a good example through improper methods. I know the anger may be burning deep and the frustration, mixed with other emotions, may be hard to contain. But we must let it out in a healthy and positive manner. Let us use our burning passions to make the changes that we want to see in the world. Let us lead by example. Let us plant seeds of positivity and progress for the next generation to enjoy. Remember, thousands have done this before us, and this is the gift that we must leave behind to the children of the future. Good always prevails over evil, no matter how long it takes. Justice will be served. This is not the end of the world; this event only signifies that tough times are ahead. But we will get through this; to everyone who is sad and angry about this, we have each other for support. Do not let anything that we fought for in this campaign be lost. Let your voices always be heard; this is a Democracy, and we have to ensure that even if we do not agree with the other side, at some point, we have to put these differences aside and work together to improve this country for EVERYONE. We are all America. We are not Trump. We are not Clinton. We are not Obama. We are America. Continue to help and support each other during times of despair and need; continue to cherish and nourish your friends, family, neighbors, and fellow men with DECENCY and RESPECT. Do not let hate win. Hate will never win. As long as there are good people in the world, hate will never find its way to success, no matter how long it may last. Always remember and never forget; we are stronger together.