I canceled therapy on Tuesday. She never called, but I did not leave her the opportunity in my message to call me back. Let the past bury its dead. I don’t want to go sit in a couch to talk about all of the negative things that are happening in my life, nor waste money on it. What for? Life is too short for that nonsense. Therapy fulfilled its purpose for me. I’ve felt great the last 3 days by keeping myself busy at work and remembering all of the good things that I have in life.

It’s true that her death has changed me forever, and I will never be the same person that I was before her passing. But this is a lesson in the journey of life. Every one has their own story. I submerge myself into doing the things that I love and leave the rest up to fate. What else is there to worry about? The key is to accept that we are never in control; we never were.

I should be annoyed at this new agency I am working for; I’ve had to chase their HR staff to ensure that all steps are being completed in order for me to start my employment on time. I could do a better job in fulfilling their duties and I have no experience. Sad!

A week and a half left until the election…I am so sick of waiting. All I want for it is to end on a good note, and for the evil to go away once and for all.

No work for the next three days; a well deserved break.

I feel that I am finally emerging for a dark period of my life; like the dawn arriving after a long, dark night. I leave the past behind and look forward, with hope, to the better things that life has to offer. This year was not the easiest, but I managed to get through it. This continues to prove to me that I am a good person.