I am now 27. There are a couple of things that I want to note. The first is that I do not make enough money, but then again, the general population does not make enough money. I do not feel any older, nor do I look any older to my eyes when I look at myself in the mirror. But, I do know that I am older. I will miss being 26 very much…it has been my favorite age so far. I felt so infinite and indestructible. I felt like nothing bad could happen to me. Bad things did happen, not to me, but to those that I care about. I experienced death for the second time, but in this case, it was much closer to me. The jaws were so close but far from me…I have learned that tomorrow, sadly, is not guranteed. So what am I to do? Not give a fuck. Not give a fuck what people say, and live my life the best way that I can. Which brings me to the second point; I am very proud of the travels that I experienced this year. I stuck to my promise and was able to finally go to places that I have been meaning to go to for a long time. And, my mother and I discovered a beach in Rhode Island that makes one not think that one is in New England. Still, I love New England, it is so pretty. But, the winter makes it difficult.

Now, I am in a constant struggle to pay off my student debt. No matter how hard I try, it is so difficult to save up money because I am always spending money on some awful and ridiculous bill, or going out with friends, or buying something cute for myself. The way I see it, the amassing of material possessions is something that makes me happy. I know that when I leave this world, I will take nothing with me. In fact, there is a lyric from a song, its name escapes me at this time, that goes: “One day you’ll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.” Yes, I want to live a life that I will remember. And this year, I have done a lot of things for myself that have made me happy.

I slept around with a decent amount of guys, but now, I am happily settled with someone that deeply cares about me. I deeply care about him too. I am excited to see what the future holds for him and I. I am also excited that I am no longer going to be a social worker. This is something that I thought I would never be able to do. This is something that I never saw myself doing. But, knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of others is very rewarding and significant. But, I must move to other things in my life. I must strive to be great. Sure, I do not make enough money to be stable yet, but I know that one day, everything is going to be ok, and if it is not, then it is no big deal.

Aunties project will be renwed late next year. It is up to me to make the best of next year, and see where things go. I will finally be debt free. I am still unsure of when exactly that will be, but I project that it will be early in the year. I am trying my best to stay as positive as I can. Yes. I am trying my best to just take things day by day. This year has been an absolute roller coaster, and I am taking the good with the bad in order to make the best of things. Now that I think about it, 2016 has been a turning point in my life. My friend passed away, I experienced death near and dear to my heart, I grew a lot from my job, I went to wonderful places, I had a lot of sexcapades, I soaked up the sun in wonderful places, witnessed the majestic beauty of Vermont, and met someone who truly and deeply cares about me in a way that no man has done in a very long time. So, in summary, 2016 has been good to me, despite the major tragedy that ocurred in February. All of this has been a lesson for me, and it has helped me become a better and kinder human being. This is truly the most remarkable experience that anyone could ever live. Life itself is the rarest of phenomenans, and we may never find out the answer to the big questions, but we know that life is good, life is short, life is sweet…and that death is peaceful. I face the next year with optimism and wisdom. The older I get, the wiser I become. You learn so many things from being in this world and meeting new people. All experiences are important for all of us, and I will contibue to try to succeed, hope for the best, and work towards a better future for myself and those around me. I will never give up hope, and my dreams are more alive than ever.