Not sure why but I am thinking too much about my feelings for him. Not sure what feelings toward someone is supposed to feel like. I know I care about him, I like to spend time with him, but for some reason all these things are going through my head that should not be going through my head. He is kind to me, understands me, listens, offers advice, wisdom, affection, passion, loyalty, and strong patience. We can never win because we will never find the perfect partner. It is curious because my last one dressed modestly and had the same interests that I had, but did not show as much affection, nurture, or passion as my present does. But he shows all of that…only that our interests vary and we do not dress the same. It is so silly to think of those as reasons to give up a relationship. They are so petty and superficial.

Final round of interview next week, and things will be decided then. I booked a trip to the Dominican island for November, and I shall be cunning in regards to masking that from them. Luckily, 4 weeks notice is required at my current position…that works out in my favor. I think that this is truly meant to be.

I long for Vermont…but alas, it is nearly three weeks away. I pray KD does not cancel it, I will be extremely upset.