It was a lovely weekend full of spending time with those I care about. I slept over my boyfriend’s house last night and went on a tiring but lovely hike with my friends from work today. The beauty of the forest will always speak to me. If we listen closely, it speaks to us. The rustling of the leaves, the chirping of the birds, the swaying of the trees, and the crackle of the branches are among the many voices of the forest.

Today, across the country, memorials were held to remember the horrors of 15 years ago. What a milestone…time does fly. It is such a sad feeling. Whatever people may believe about these world changing events, no matter who was responsible, let it be a reminder of the evil humans can do to one another. May the souls lost rest in peace.

Another work week tomorrow…I grow tired of the rat race. According to the new budget that I made, my personal debt will be paid off sometime in January or February. When that moment arrives, I will not know what my next move will be But I do not want to think of that moment, for I live in the now.

Lukewarm news from the island; auntie met with a VIP for the entire afternoon and he will guide her in the right direction with his wisdom and VIP connections. The operation will officially launch October 2017, but first, a reputation with charity must be cemented. She is happy with this result. I should say that I am not as happy; for I want this now. But everything works on the Universe’s time, not ours. Either way, this is a new beginning and completes phase one, in a way. She will attend the fashion show as a guest and be introduced to VIPs. The next phase is to make a good impression with the initial relations with VIPs and charity.

I retire to bed. I have given up on the job search for the moment…far too depressing and draining.