I went to Rhode Island today and had the best time riding the waves. It made me feel like a kid again…it was truly an amazing experience. The ocean is not to be disrespected. It is one of the mightiest forces in the planet. I grew out of using boards so I swam into them and jumped from them like a fish. What a rare and inexplicable blessing it is for me to be alive and experience these things. This is why I try to make the best of every day.

Spending the night at my boyfriend’s house for the first time…it will be a good bonding opportunity.

N wants to see me soon…I told her that M’s brother was admitted to rehab and that she may not be able to do things with us at the moment. The three of us are great together, we always have the best time, even when we are feeling stressed about life. We always find a way to laugh about it. And they say that humor is one of the best medicines. I truly value my few, close friends.

Off to the Indian Caves tomorrow for a hike with E and MZ. I hope that we don’t encouter any bears. E said she would bring her dog…which was sort of my request. I am not too fond of that dog…all she does is jump on people. But, it will prove most useful in case that there are bears in the area.