A new opportunity has presented itself to launch the forgotten project into motion. I pray that this time, it launches. It has failed twice, but they say that “Third time’s a charm.” I am not holding my breath over it, but taking it with a grain of salt. But this time, there is potential, and there will be very influential individuals present for the event. It is, by chance, that this ocurred. That is the news that I received from Miami this past week. This is, perhaps, the final chance that may present itself to me to succeed.

More rejection emails. I find it quite comical at this point; there is no please any employers. Even with the skills, they reject me. I am pondering if this is the Universe telling me that better and greater things are going to come…with the ball rolling on this project again, a feeling of hope has taken over me. But as mentioned above, it is being taken in strides. I do not want to build up my hopes and have them crash down again. This opportunity could make me believe that there is something greater in charge…and that my existence means something.

A long meeting at the end of the day…I did not return home until evening, which is very unusual. That poor client of mine….so many trials and tribulations, survivor of a heart attack, and still standing. A good example of human rescilience. Bless that man and his family.

My relationship is progressing slowly. I expect no less. Getting to know someone while having arguments is something that I rarely do…like a brand new experience. But as they say, things are going to work themselves out the way that they are supposed to. If I had to choose between him and the project, should it take off, I would choose the project. Nothing is more important to me than succeeding. It has gone far beyond monetary compensation, it is a fight betweel life and death, for I have come to terms that I shall never make a decent living with my credentials. No matter how much time I spend thinking positively of things, nothing is going to fall from the sky. It is the self that must make sacrifices and fight for survival. But if this project takes off, there will be no need for struggles or survival. Never mind that I die in the end, this is also about extracting revenge over all of those who ever doubted me. As I have writen many times, I still firmly believe that I was born to be wealthy…that wealth, which was lost many decades ago, shall return, one way or another. Time will tell. The first trial begins next month, which makes me believe that the Universe is wasting no time in the development of this project. The events that are to follow will be documented here.