No massacre today, but the people of Venezuela have chosen their fate, and they continue to choose their fate year after year. I detest being asked how I feel since those are my origins.

Met with VK today; she told the tale of being robbed at knife point. Very glad she is ok…things could have been worse. I am going to pay the group home a visit on Sunday for lunch, should be lovely.

Beach tomorrow, probably for the last time. But the weather will tell.

Minor drama at the work place today, but I made sure to send the communicative that triggered it before I left. Still, I got a call from my boss and a message, but it will go unchecked until Tuesday, upon my return. Nothing serious is suspected, documenting the events is the key to cover the tracks.

Things continue to be slow…much of the same. The people of this state lament the status quo. They continue to suggest to move down south. Desperation continues to overcome me, as I have not heard back from any employer. Things could always be worse, but it would be great if they got better.

Thinking too much has taken its toll on me. My mind is worn out.