An interesting conversation with my boss regarding obtaining experience for management jobs. He was supportive and praised my work ethic; and made assurances that the current position I am in is not going to be my final destination. However, this was told to me during my interview, so there was nothing new in that aspect.

The event of the year took place with the pizza truck and frozen ice cream; and the feast took place while families go hungry in the surrounding neighborhoods. But that is an accurate example of the world; the haves and the haves not.

Conversations with BC regarding a new car…I am contemplating making switch if they cannot provide me with the model I want.

There is a hurricane approaching the East Coast, according to my mother…but much of this remains to be verified. We shall see when the weekend comes. Tomorrow is the last day of the work week for me, and the next 4 days will consist of rest and productivity. The last beach trip, potentially, to occur on Friday. But there are warm days in September, so maybe there will still be some time to enjoy before it all goes away…much too soon of course.

A masacre could occur tomorrow in South America, but that remains to be seen. To the people who are not aware that tonight is their last night on Earth, may you journey well into the next transition. Do not be afraid to be taken into the arms of the Universe.