Today, I find myself in a promising mood. There are always demons that lurk here and there, but when one does their best to fill life with good and meaning, those demons do not always succeed.

As of 2 days ago, I am no longer single. It feels strange…but it will take some time to get used to. It will not truly sink in for sometime. Although, I was asking myself yesterday, is one supposed to feel different when in a relationship? I feel just the same…time will tell if this will last. I am not thinking much about it.

A white lamborghini was seen yesterday over the mountain by my friend, and it puzzles me, as this state has gone to shambles. Where are the riches coming from? Executies of the insurance companies? This is my only guess.

I escaped to Charlestown yesterday and it was lovely. The crytal green and blue waters are a rare sight here in New England, but I let the ocean embrace me and the fish swam around me. I secretly begged them to take me with them. Summer is almost at an end, and I suspect that next weekend will be one the last times I will return to the ocean this season.  I pray to the Universe for a long life, so that I may enjoy the presence and energies of the ocean for as long as possible.

In any case, this morning I reflected on my life over breakfast. All things considered, achievements are being completed rather quickly. I will be debt free by February or March, and it only took me 3 months last year to find a full time job. I am still not 30. If I continue the relentless push of job hunting, something will come up. The Fall time, I was told, is the best time to look for new opportunities. But no matter, the push must continue until something comes along. I refuse to give up after coming this far. One does not swim across the ocean to drown at the shore, as they say.

Off to continue the search and do some errands.