I went to therapy for the last time today. It was a pleasant farewell meeting, and she welcomed me back any time I wanted. So for now, a break. I am so grateful for the help I received and glad that I took the step needed to get myself into her care. It was well worth it…let the past bury its dead, as they say.

Sadness overcomes me, as summer is almost over. But the Fall is a lovely time of the year…my second most favorite. I wish I lived in the land of eternal summer, but nothing is forever.

The job search will continue tomorrow. No call backs yet, but I suspect that, even if rejection comes, it won’t be for a while. There is no reason for me to give up…I have to keep on going.

For some strange reason, I thought today was Tuesday, even Wednesday. What lunacy…those are the moments when my mind is clouded and I find myself with the deer in headlights look.

A disturbing dream last night…about my brother and his girlfriend. The strangest part is that in this dream, or should I say nightmare, I was telling him what I thought about her . I am not sure why this is happening, but many strange things happen in life. This nightmare was far too accurate. I have given up in trying to contact him. I ruined our relationship, but in my efforts to mend it, I have not been met halfway, as my therapist said. Well, either way, not a bad start to the week.