The nonsense continues. Today was comical; I was fired by a client and I never felt so good to leave a house. Another bogus case, as usual. I left before 2 o’clock and was home by around 3 in the afternoon. It helps that I can do documentation from home…makes it beliavable that I am in the office, no?

Yesterday my boss decided to conduct a visit with me, and although I hid him behind the corner of my eye so I could only focus on my client, I could tell that he was most uninterested and did not want to be there. We all know, in the office, that he is only doing this because he is being told. We also suspect that he might be looking to leave in the coming months. Who wouldn’t? The job is a joke.

I applied for several jobs yesterday, not sure why. There was an impulse within me. I could not fall asleep the other night because all I could think about was wanting to make more money.

Suitors continue to pursue me…but at the end of the day all I want to do is take them to bed and move on to the next. There is no shame in being a slut, and it took me years to finally come to terms with it. I am living the many years that I repressed myself because I felt guilty and afraid of becoming infected with something. If my 19 or 20 year old self would look at me now…what would he think?

Another day of nonsense tomorrow at work, but I make the best of it. Maybe I will stay here to save up more…I am not sure. I did begin to speak with someone who owns his own business and wants to relocate to Florida when he “retires at age 40”. Could this be an opportunity to persuade someone with money? He is only a year older than me. Life is a game and I am just a strategic player. I am not sure who I am becoming, but I am not sure I ever knew who I was in the first place. Society changes people.