New month, new ambitions? Probably. I applied to random jobs today, not sure why, since I want to move out of state. Desperation has taken over. I need and want to make more money. How sad…succumbing to the pressure of society. What for anyway? I’m dead in the end.

The rain came and went today, but no downpours. It’s cold outside, yet it is still August. An early Fall? I hate the thought. I just want someone to hand over money to me, but that is never going to happen. I am in charge of handing money to myself. I have grown out of my current job…a reassurance by my father yesterday. It still doesn’t help. The job market here is abysmal. I will continue to work and save up, accordingly.

Still staying away from certain people, and those who try to speak with me, whom I do not want to really speak with, I shrug them off.