Therapy was great yesterday; another break through regarding my brother’s girlfriend. It concluded with my therapist saying that “We often marry our parents,” in comparing the characteristics of our lovers with those of our parents.

The week is over and I am exhausted. I indirectly canceled a plan I had for tonight; I rather stay in. I did not attend the Democratic strategy meeting; was not feeling any motivation. Although I never work 8 hours, I somehow always end up exhausted. Maybe it is because I go to bed late…but oh, what a disadvantage for us introverted, intelligent people, to be night owls.

Yesterday was quite the show; I was delayed in traffic for an hour or so, only to turn around, go back home to take the country roads, and arrive 2 and a half hours late. No bosses were in, so this was the perfect day. I left after an hour and a half! What a travesty! Then I went up to the mountain side town for an encounter, and ended up having another encounter that same night. I felt inclined to cancel tonight’s encounter because I got plenty of it yesterday.

Co-worker delivered some weed to me in a cigarette box. Bless her. I was disappointed because it is schawg, but she did state to me that it was an exotic, stronger than usual strain. I guess her contact lets her sample the product before buying…the benefit of an eight year friendship.

No plans for the weekend…and maybe that could be a good thing. The weather is not looking up, and I would like to rest. I can smoke up in the mean time.

Hillary accepted the nomination last night, and I have never been more proud. Although I did not vote for her during the primaries (I gave the underdog a chance, for I myself am an underdog in life), I am still happy that she finally got what she wanted…and we have to ensure that she gets what she ultimately wants. We cannot allow the enemies of the Country to take power. Never! I missed the speech, so I will have to watch it later today.