Today was a disappointing day. I feel like lately, everything is disappointing. I spent my second half of the day traveling across the state. I am overworked at times and clearly underpaid…and this is why I take every opportunity to ditch work early and still bill them for 40 hours a week. Savages.

I was most unfortunate to deal with two insane women. Luckily, only one of them is going to be my client…however, I am going to try to convince her that she does not need me. In reality, she truly does not. I am so sick of these people and their nonsense. One would think that you go to work to get away from the nonsense of family and friends. But this is untrue for me; I have to deal with lunatic clients and the tangle of their lives. I also have to deal with the idiotic decisions of management and the puppets of middle management. So, in essence, I can truly never escape people. Even if I did not deal with clients for a “living”, I would still have to deal with management. The only solution is to be rich, and so, against all odds, I will continue to play the lottery.

Some of my friends, or so I think they are, continue to contribute nothing but drama to my life. It is so exhausting. Today, I received a message from B, whom I had blocked on my phone. I forgot to block him on a chatting application, so he began to play sociopath games with me and claimed that he “is worried” about me. I have to have some sort of self respect, so I blocked him. He will never hear from me again. I have no idea how I managed to put up with him for so long. Maybe I was naive. Am I that naive to think that people coule actually improve? I wanted to think that people would…I wanted to think that things got better, but things did not get better. I thought that maybe there would be some improvement in the fact that I choose to have a small circle of friends, and that it would harbor less problems. But I was wrong. Nothing has changed. People are still selfish and inconsiderate. So why should I suffer? Why should I suffer because of them? I should not have to. And so, I have decided that when I move out of state, I am going to go through my phone and purge people. I deserve peace in my life, and they are not peace.

What an exhausting day.