I am tired of being tired. Not sure why but once the afternoon hits, I am affected by an epic desire to sleep.

Went to a presentation yesterday lead by a person who is gay and muslim. They converted to islam and explained their journey thus far. I asked how his religious beliefs could be mended with science (he is a practicing neuro and behavioral scientist) and he explained that the quran supports scientific point of views and facts. This is not something that I was aware of. I think it’s important for there to be scientists who are open to religion, because it gives me faith that there is, indeed, a lot of unknown mysteries.

Work continues to be busy, but I continue to take every opportunity to ditch early. It’s the least I can do given that the company is run by greedy people.

Summer heat continues to make me tired; I am annoyed that I cannot go to the beach as much as I used to. Instead, I have to deal with capitalist slavery. And what for?

Caught up with some friends over the weekend; it was lovely and very much needed. I think that it rained the entire weekend.

I am tired of people and their nonsense. Bah.