Luck was on my side today. All visits canceled and my boss was not in the main office so off I went at 1:45 pm to do my friend a favor at home and pay her phone bill online. She had no way to access internet so I was her life saver. She will pay me at the end of the month. She was also in luck; it’s as if my luck extended its hand to her as well. I went to get some blood work done and will not know the results until August, but I do not suspect that it is anything serious. I am not going to discuss my medical history in these diaries, but either way, they were more of routine testings.

I feel so tired. All the driving this week has taken its toll. Today, it rained. It poured and dark clouds gathered over the skies. But it was a half day of work, and not much to do. I finished the Ciano diaries…I am sad that they were not longer, we were truly robbed of a great writter and insightful man. History missed important documentation. But I suppose that it was his time to go to the next dimension, if there is one.

Nothing else new. I am off to get my hair cut soon.