Today was a semi splendid day. I only worked 4 hours in a wonderful scheme I arranged; a great advantage to my job. I confronted my boss on an insensitive comment that he made to me yesterday and he truly nearly regressed into his childhood as I continued my passive critique on him regarding the un-needed comments about the impoverished clients that we work with. It was a delightful moment indeed.

Not much else is new…today I will be out early. It’s going to be raining so there is not much that I will be able to do. Off to the beach on Saturday and maybe on Sunday, but I suspect that the crowds are going to be monstrous and unbearable because of the holiday. I think that perhaps I will stay in and rest on the holiday, as everywhere is going to be busy. I despise people.

All in all, I’m impressed with my social skills and this gives me hope in being able to achieve that stability that I desire. Little by little…day by day.

Thoughts of death still come and go, but they do not bother me at this time. I feel better, for some unknown reason. Could it be that these mint leaves and lemon water showers that the medium has ordered my mother and I to take are taking effect? Some may say that it is my mind acting out to fulfill this social requirement, but if I am being completely honest, I do not think about these showers nor their supposed effects until I have to take them at night. Well, in any case, whatever it is, I am feeling much better. It is badly needed. I think that as the month ends, a new cycle of energy ends. I pray that this month will bring peace. This is all I am asking for: peace. I need to focus my energies on finishing the year at my current position and then figure out what I should do after. I think that by February I will be ready to pay off my school. What a relief!