I should not be listening to people’s nonsense. I do not tell my friends to “stop” when they are ranting. I am especially fed up with the nonsense from S.A; she goes on and on and on about how much woes her family gives her. It will not change. What am I to do about it? I am beginning to write my woes here; I know that the last thing people want to do is listen to my stupid nonsense as well. This might very well become my sole outlet besides my therapist. So be it.

Another long day…I am exhausted. Yesterday was quite comical; I escaped work early to have sex. Then I had some more sex for the entire evening. My life is ridiculous.

I don’t want to move to southern Florida anymore. I will look to northern parts for more cost effective measures…but not the swamps of hickville.

More thoughts about being dead. It’s not like I will experience being dead. So does that mean death is not real? But an illusion? A pressing and continuing question that I ask myself. I am still not sure why I see dead people during my deep meditations.

Some nonsense at work; but only with one individual.

I am sorry that I am running out of things to say for now. I am off to Vermont tomorrow afternoon to spend the weekend. It will be difficult not to have any sexual contact (I think I am starting to become obsessed with having sex), but I am going to try to make part of this trip a spiritual experience.