Another year has gone by, and here we stand, once more, facing a long road to the destiny that life has affixed to us; a destiny that, although existant in the conscience of the cosmos, it unknown to us. The year 2015 continued to be a year of uncertainty; we had no idea what lay ahead. There were many supposed promises and prospects for success; the Miami project which culminated in a humiliating defeat and stain of shame for many generations to come. We dubbed 2015 the “Year of the revolution”; and a different kind of revolution took place. Once the great defeat came in August, we finally realized that we had no choice but to make it on our own, like we always had from the beginning. 2015 was not a year of true revolution; as a revolution always leads to the path of success, but it was, if I think so outloud, a year of disappointments.

The year started with becoming involved in a relationship. Like all relationships, the beginning was wonderful; companionship had come when we were not looking for it, nor expecting its arrival. As the cruel winter months passed by, our mind was distracted by this relationship. We found ourselves going to places and spending time doing activities that were good to distract ourselves from the ever looming uncertainty of the Miami project and its outcome. The highlight of this relationship was a trip to Washington DC. I will certainly cherish that trip, however, I must revisit it with people that I truly now care about in order to replace the sad memory that lingers from the aftermath of the break up. This break up came after 3 months; and was the byproduct of realizing that we were just not truly compatible for each other and that the spark between us had died. Although the fall out was not as emotionally burdensome as my last relationship before that, it was still a moment of great sadness for me. I felt that I was mostly to blame, as I had sabotaged the relationship with my personal preocupations and views of the world; which were simply not shared by the other party. This relationship taught me that, after many years of being a hopeless romantic, relationships require a lot of sacrifice and compromise. I was not ready to subject myself to this in the long term, and therefore I am glad that this ended sooner rather than later. I decided that I would not keep in touch and cut the rope; as I make it a personal policy not to keep in touch with those whom I was once emotionally intimate with.

The end of this relationship marked the beginning of a series of behaviors that I did not plan; I began to meet and connect with others without inhibitions. So much so that I caved in to curiosity and obtained the poisonous portal of sin called Grindr. From there, I have connected with others and shared a lot of myself. I adopted the views that relationships are quite nonsense and I am not to be involved in any further emotionally compromising situations. There is a degree of risk from continuous sexual encounters, but I have finally embraced that being single means absolute freedom from the chains of comittment. In the back of my mind, however, there is a little voice that speaks and states that the only way that our mind will change, is if we come across someone who changes our mind.

This year marked a series of accomplishments that I am proud of. We began a mighty and relentless campaign of applying for new jobs in order to escape the dead end and unproductive ventures at the group homes. I went through many interviews without any luck, but nevertheless, the search continued. Finally, in late April, some progress was made. By late May we started a new position and left the group homes to forever rust in the dust. There are times when I still visit the original hub where I began; but those times are far and few in between. This new job is rather meaningful and is teaching us many entry level skills that will qualify us for mid level careers later on. The beginning few months were difficult; as there was no formal support from management and we were quick to realize the treachery of the company that we now found ourselves working for. We found solace in the fact that we were now occupied every weekday and encountered many situations that have shed new light and perspective into life. Because of this position, however, summer was not enjoyed as it was usually enjoyed the past years. We came to accept that as part of adulthood.

2015 saw the further evolution of our thought process when it comes to dealing with others. We simply do not have the time or energy to invest in those who are not worth it or willing to give back. Some may say that these policies will isolate us and bring us loneliness unto death; however, I say to them that humanity has become so poisoned that there are only a few, true people who deserve our time of day. I am satisfied with this decision, and will not hesitate to cut off those who are not worth it. I rather be alone than surrounded by 100 people who bring no value to my life. The most significant event of this policy took toll on a long time friend who no longer could bring us unconditional loyalty and devotion. We promptly ended this relationship, which was deteriorating for many months prior to the fateful decision to destroy it once and for all.  Although there were some questionable moments with two close, long time friends, we were able to sort out those problems by facing them with honesty and bravery. However, I do not doubt that the future will bring new people that are worth giving time and energy to.

After the humiliating defeat of August and the dismantling of PA, new hopes came, suddenly, in November, when it was announced that an outside party might be interested in renewing our hopes and efforts. However, the trail went cold and nothing was heard as a result. We no longer rely on the word and empty promises of others; we must simply rely on ourselves and take matters into our own hands. From this sprung the plan of “Operation Commonwealth”, the biggest, most ambitious operation since the Storrs campaign in 2011. However, after much thought and careful consideration, it is unwise to pursue this long range operation into the North without the proper experience and resources. We learned a great deal from the Storrs campaign, and we have, this year, become more educated on financial planning and the cost of living. We will not fall into the same traps that we have fallen for in the past. Through delusion only comes certain defeat. We must be wiser, more patient, and more careful in order to ensure a prosperous and secure future. Although no job is secure, we must make ourselves as worthy as possible in order to achieve our goals. We have decided, and through this address, to announce that “Operation Commonwealth” is formally suspended. For the next two years, we will accumulate resources and further experience before we began to make new plans of conquest. Some may say that we are cowards for not taking such a risk; but to them, I say that experience has taught me well. I know my limits, and risks, as we have seen, do not always come to fruition. It is for this very reason that we have begun to plan for “Operation DTH”.

I spent many nights laying in bed, racing through my thoughts, on how to secure a prosperous and secure financial future. I came to the conclusion that we must, to the disappointment and dread of many, stay home for one more year. This is so that we can save up enough to end the debt war that was brought upon us for many years. After careful calculations, I have estimated that the war will indeed come to an end late October. We will have enough financial resources at our disposal to deal one final, decisive blow to the debt accumulated through the UCN campaign and free ourselves, once and for all, from the iron chains of debt and ruin. This will include the sacrifice of privacy and the patience to deal with dreading situations at the home front, which are becoming intolerable, but that must nevertheless  be withstood in order to achieve the ultimate victory. That the culmination of this war coincides with our 27th birthday is a coincidence. However, I have made it a personal goal for myself to be free of debt before my 30s. They say that your 30s are the best years of your life; and it may be so. While many criticize and laugh at us for our decision; we say to them that they must simply realize that they are fools. Many are those who move out of the homefront to live with others, clustered in projects, and sacrifice financial freedom for personal freedom. Our decision is nothing but strategic, and it will allow us to finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate a monumental victory, such as has not been celebrated before. We deserve this victory; our efforts demand it so.

And so, we venture into 2016, with our heads held high and our focus to bigger and better things. The days of winter will be long and harsh, and there will be many times where we will fall pray to the shadows of depression…but we must make haste and not let any type of distraction deter us from our goal. We must be strong, patient, and above all, vigilant of the dangers that lay ahead. I hope that, although we have a plan, pleasant surprises arrive during the new year. I feel confident and ready to face the obstacles that lay ahead. I am not afraid to execute my better judgments in dealing with crisis and difficult situations. We have come a long way, and it would be a dishonor to our spirits to abandon all hope and drown at the shore. The age of uncertainty is about to come to an end, and a new era will arise from the ashes of the burned bridges and memories that brought us so much grief during the last 8 years. We welcome 2016 with vigor and excitement…knowing that it marks the beginning of a new era that is to start a new chapter of our lives.