As we head into summer, there is really nothing important or significant that is planned. I will make it a priority, however, to organize weekend or day trips whenever possible. But this is all weather permitting. I hate to say this but we are going to be continuing to work where we are until something gives; and it must give. There is no other option, there is no other way. We were not born for the peasant life; we were destined- no, we ARE destined for the life of success. I will have it no other way. Life is nothing but a continuous struggle of immense proportions and only the true warriors will emerge victorious in the end. Some may ask what this “Victory” consists of, because we must take into account that, in the end, we will all die. But the VICTORY that I speak of is knowing that you have conquered all your battles, and that nothing held you back. In the end, death is not a defeat- it’s a transition of life. Without death, there cannot be life. And without life, there cannot be death. But we must be strong; we have to take into account that we could perish at any moment. Why then, continue to live? I conclude that it is better to live and to continue forward with the battle than to give up. In time, nobody will remember us, but while they do, I want them to say, should I go down unexpectedly, that I was a fighter until the very end.
But this is all truly beside the point, getting back to our question about “Victory,” which I have addressed many times, I should like to say that the old anthropologic quote of “Whoever dies with the most toys wins”, holds true to this definition, MY definition, of victory. Let it NOT be said that I did everything that I could in order to achieve this. I have been very fortunate in my life and times; I have cheated death several times, dodged strenuous tasks, gotten away with many things…and I continue to be fortunate. This battle is far from over; it has just begun. We have come a long way from those lonely, cold days of the Winter/Spring of 2011. I emerged a changed man; forever. And yet, I continue to change as the years go by. “Change is the only constant,” they say. What a load of truth! I can feel myself changing, still, and I have come to adopt the view point that life could truly end at any moment; and therefore, we must indulge ourselves as much as possible. We have to devoid ourselves of any feelings of guilt. The only rule that I propose regarding this viewpoint and practice, is that we always be safe, and not harm anybody. There are so many that restrict themselves from truly enjoying life because of their personal views. Yes, we must remember that everyone is able to choose what to believe in and how to live, but this was merely mentioned as a means to make a comparison to our adopted practice. I have chosen to enjoy the earthly delights as much as possible; and to take advantage of my fortunate situation, which not many can say they have, to enjoy as much as possible.

Now, regarding this unique opportunity that happens to perhaps 1% of the population, we must win. We have to win. There is no other way but the way to victory. We must either win or perish trying; and I will joyfully go down struggling. I rather be a fighter than a coward; there is no way of knowing whether the fruits will grow unless we mend the tree. This is truly a gamble, and if we stroll on the side of caution and safety, we will never know the end results. So I have no other advise to give myself than to continue to go forward. Continue to cultivate the tree and hope that by the end of this long road, it provides us with golden fruit. Now we know how the farmers feel! There are so many factors that affect whether their crops will grow or not, and we certainly feel that this is one of those situations. But if we don’t take a risk, we won’t be able to enjoy the success that is coming. But success will come; it must. I strongly urge anyone who feels that they are on this path to continue to put all their efforts towards fulfilling and materializing their dreams and aspirations. Don’t give up; no matter how hopeless the situation seems, you must continue to carry on the torch and under no circumstance drop it or let the flame extinguish. Fight! Fight for your freedom, your happiness, your ambitions, your livelihood…the story of your life depends on it.