All they do is advertise sex, but do they ever advertise stds? hiv? aids? No. Because that doesn’t sell. Because people think that they will never get them. But they can, and they will get if they keep going back to it. That’s how I feel. Regardless of what my status is, I am done. Why? Why would I be done? Isn’t being hiv positive something that will allow me to have sex with whoever I want without wearing condoms? No. I am done playing games. I am done putting my life on the line for 15 minutes of cheap, meaningless sex with someone I don’t know. Because when I sleep with someone, I sleep with everybody that they have slept with, and I sleep with everybody that has slept with everybody THEY have slept with. Get it? All that ever comes with hooking up, in my case, is drama. Nothing but drama. At the end of the day, there are assholes out there who only see other men as pieces of meat. No emotions, no feelings, no meaningful conversations, nothing. I am sick of feeling the rejection that comes with not hearing back from someone. They don’t even have the decency to tell you that they aren’t interested in you. But who am I to judge? I have done that too. I have stopped talking to people out of the blue. Maybe that’s my Karma to deal with, but I do feel that I have been on the receiving end more than I have been on the receptive one. But so be it. 

I’m so tired of gay men judging each other, denying and rejecting anyone who isn’t “masculine”. This pathetic society and culture that we live in worships abs and biceps, but they don’t worship intellect, creativity, or originality. Everyone has to look the same. These gay men are dividing the community even more. They are destroying it, and they will continue to destroy it. They look for satisfaction and approval in all the wrong places; grindr, jack’d, scruff, hornet…and others. Then there are people like me, who are lonely and isolated, and because of undying hopes, falsely think that we will find someone true using these addicting trash applications. We are looking for a prince in a sewer. Of all the men that I have interacted with on these filthy sex apps, only one has turned out to be decent, and he moved out of state. Everyone else looks for other headless torsos, who lie about their std/hiv statuses, for approval and attention. Everyone looks for drama; insulting those who reject them with “Well I didn’t want to talk to you anyway, you’re ugly.” What? The level of putrefaction that is being experienced in today’s world is something that is getting to me. People thrive off of filth. They will do and say anything to get a cheap blow job, or have unprotected sex because they simply think that “Oh it can’t happen to me.” They’ll do anything to thrive off drama, and continue to live the deranged, delusional life they live. Well enjoy it, because you are going to keep living it. But not I. 

There was an article on Huffpost about this matter, and it quoted: “It takes a real man to be a queen.” So to those gay men who discriminate against effeminated men, who are the BACKBONE of the gay community, know this: you will never be as manlier as the queens you reject and ridicule.