Do you want to know what’s really fucking sad? Do you want to look inside your inner core and truly weep? Look at videos and/or pictures of you when you were a baby or a toddler. Compare how you were then to how you are now; broken, corrupted, jaded, abused, sad. Those were the only genuine and happy smiles that were a product of no worries and a wonderful life. That glow of happiness, curiosity, joy, and thirst for adventure in your innocent eyes is the most beautiful thing you will ever see about yourself. And now, look at you; de-flowered, depressed, cutting yourself, using drugs, drinking alcohol, having sex, wanting to kill yourself. Who knew that innocent child would grow into a tragic fucking mess? Who knew that the joy, innocence, curiosity, and happiness would leave your eyes; taking with them that glowing light that indicated that you were full of life? Back then, there was someone home. But now, your eyes are gray, exhausted, worn down by tears. I miss that child, I love that child; but he is never coming back. He is dead.