I lament the fact that this summer has been invaded by endless clouds of rain. I have yet to visit the beach, and I find myself thinking that there is only about a month left after July ends, and we will be back to the bitter misery that is winter, once more. I have to try and admire the summer scenery as much as possible, I don’t get enough of it in this region. This brings me to tonight’s thoughts; life and nature.

I find myself in the middle of an important transformation in my life. This transformation is going to set me free and make me happier in the long run. I have continued to smoke weed this year, and I will continue to do so for the next two months. I have to be thankful, because my third eye has begun to open. No longer do I crave material possessions, and money is only needed for the essential “things” in life. Unfortunately, I have to spend the rest of the year paying for my private college loans. No matter, no matter. Once these are paid off, I think that things will be easier. I still have to find a full time job, but I have until the end of the year to see what is going to happen at home.
In any case, this transformation is something that is part of my spiritual journey, and something that I truly need. I no longer believe in a catholic god; there are far too many contradictions and questions that have made me doubt for such a long time, and I think that this time, my thoughts are beginning to make sense to me. Nothing anyone could tell me could convince me that a formal, religiously constructed god exists. I would have to see it to believe it. Instead, I believe that nature is the most important aspect of life. We come from the earth, we are cosmic beings. There are many energies and vibes in the world. We are also responsible for crafting our lives with our thoughts. If we continue to have negative thoughts, our lives will plunge deeper into the darkest and most abysmal of the abysses imaginable. Yes, life is difficult, society is cruel, and destiny is merciless; but we must learn to continue to hold on to hope and to seek out the light, even in the darkest of times. There are days where we will completely break down, cry, regret choices we have made, ponder why our lives are the way they are, and maybe even think about killing ourselves. However, we must always recover from these downfalls.
True happiness and peace is found in the solace of nature. Yes, even nature itself can be dangerous, but we must learn to respect it, appreciate it, and understand that we must not underestimate its power. I have found so much peace and comfort in nature, that I have stopped going to shopping malls. Why would someone even think that they can find peace there? Those places are crowded with people and crowded with all the factors that make society what it is. Society places value in the most invaluable things; money, fame, and material possessions. The world is too busy trying to reach these objectives, that they forget to stop for a moment and appreciate the flowers. I feel sad for people who depend on material possessions for happiness. Very little can be said about people like that; and my goal is not to become judgmental. Everyone constructs their own reality, and everyone has the right to live their lives however they want them to. However, I am glad that I have found my peace. To become conscious of this third eye is the indication that a great and joyous change is occurring within me, and why not be glad? I am not longer part of the herd. I am no longer contributing to the system by buying luxurious objects that I don’t truly need. That’s what keeps the system around the world going: consumerism. Psychedelics are illegal because they allow you to access different levels of our subconscious. They allow you to see the true beauty of the world, and thus, the person becomes so infatuated with nature, that they have no desire to engage in consuming materials that they do not need for survival. What keeps the world economy alive? Consumerism. Not only that, but pharmaceutical companies would lose billions of dollars. I’m glad I see the world and society for what they really are: a corrupted system. I have found so much solace in nature and its beauty, that I no longer have the need to own the best car or a man made hand bag that its price tag could feed hundreds of orphans around the world.
Smoking weed has made me a simple person. I feel like a part of me will always want the best things in life. But. That part of me is now somewhat suppressed. There are more important things. Like good literature and nature. But above all, nature. It can teach us so much, so long as we listen and observe. I am a child of nature. I came from the earth. We are a product of the earth. Cursed be those who mistreat nature.
I wish to note that I am not advocating anything, but that these are my own personal thoughts and experiences. This is what is best for me, and this is what makes me happy.