I’m not sure that I know what the point of life is anymore. In fact, I believe that everyone has their own explanation as to what the point of life is. For me, I believe that life is pointless. What am I supposed to do? I have no words to even try to describe how I feel, other than pure existentialism. From a biological perspective, our purpose is to reproduce and ensure species survival. But now, it’s as if we have forgotten that we are biological species; a product from the earth. Everything has become systematic. 
What are my goals? Pay off all this college debt, and then what? What comes after that? What if I don’t want to live anymore? There are people who say that the purpose of life is to be free and pursue happiness. I don’t think that happiness is something that can happen to me. Each day, I live it as if I was dead. I’m not even sure what yesterday was like. This is a sad way to live my life, but I feel that I have absolutely nothing to look forward to. I used to be able to look forward to things, but that was long ago. 
Is the goal to be rich and famous? No. That’s society’s goal, and like I said, everyone has their own definition of the purpose of life. Some devote themselves to helping others and bringing happiness to those who need it. Maybe I should do that. I should join an organization that devotes itself to helping people around the world. Peace corps? I could go without material possessions. Materialism is nothing, truly. It is the basis of the economy, but it has no true value. It doesn’t teach us anything. The fact that people rely on materialism to be happy is sad. I used to be like that; I know what it’s like. It made me more miserable. 
I could sit here and write a million words and complain for a thousand days, but it’s not going to fix my life. I’ve been trying to find out what I love to do, but I don’t know what that is. Instead, I’ve been forced to listen to what people tell me. I’ve been forced to listen to what they think I should be doing. But why haven’t I listened to myself? That’s all I have to do. I have to listen to myself and figure out what it is that I want to do. I know that I like to help people, and I know that it feels good at the end of the day. I think that I enjoy this a lot because I know that since I can’t be happy, I might as well try to bring happiness to others.