late night thoughts:

1. im not ready for a relationship. i want one, but right now it is way too crazy.
2. i dont want to hook up with random people because i am scared of stds, and this is a small state. i dont want a whore reputation.
3. my internship is useless in my development. it will only serve as a resume filler. still sailing by doing the bare minimum.
4. i THINK that if henry was mature and not flaky, i could grow to have feelings for him maybe and date him (lol).
5. i think that by the end of the semester i will have a decision about grad school.
6. i have to continue to delude myself by focusing on the positive. i need to to do. it is the only way.
7. i have to continue with the gym. it is essential.
8. i have to make sure to have weekly interactions with the ‘keep close’ list.
9. i have to continue to get as much sleep as i can. this is absolute key.
10. live in the now. day by day.
11. forget about those who forgot about me. fuck them. they are missing out.
12. no weed.
13. continue with tumblr. try to write more, but not necessary.