I think the whole Justin thing is delusional. So anyways, moving on.

I’m just going with the flow of things. I’ve talked to some people already who have helped me realize that there is a time and place for most things. Right now it is better to be single. Focus on myself and on school.

I wish that I wasn’t so lazy, that way I could read a lot of books if I wanted. It’s just so tedious. Right now the book I am reading is not as exciting as its predecessor. Wham I spelt that correctly. Double middle fingers bitch. But my plan is to read at least 5 good books from the list this summer. That way I can enjoy them and learn a few things about life. I wish I had a list of books I have read through my life, but at this point it’s all impossible. I’m not that big on literature anymore. Though sometimes I wish I was an English major, but the past can’t be rewritten.

There is a debate of what is going to happen this summer. A lot of uncertainty always arrives when summer rolls around. I am not sure why. I applied to the internship and I have all my hopes on it. I really need it, life has to come through for me this time, it really must. Please. If I don’t get this…I have no idea what else I am going to do. They say that I will eventually figure everything out, and that I just need to let time roll by, but in all honesty, I feel pressed for time.

There is also another problem: the louis vuitton problem. Keepall or tote? Do I even need them? I would only buy them if they were below 100 dollars. But all these fucking cunt people keep bidding high on them. Can’t they find someone else? Can’t they buy the real thing? If you have a lot of money to spend on a bid, you might as well buy the real thing, you stupid cunts. Jesus lord.

Speaking of Jesus lord, I am not sure if I should go back and have a relationship with Jesus/God. I am highly debating it. I think that if I talked to them and asked them for help and for guidance, then they would help me. If I was truly and genuinely into them and into bettering my relationship with them, then certainly they will not turn me away. I am still not sure.

Oh well. The uncertainty continues.

Until then.