Few artist achieve the greatness that the King of Pop achieved. What few artists have achieved in a lifetime, Michael has done in a few years. Such success is evident in his masterpiece album “Thriller”. Thriller remains the best selling album of all time with more than 110 million copies sold worldwide, and earned Michael eight Grammy Awards.

When I think of Michael, I think of a special being…a being that wanted nothing but world peace. These days, pop music is nothing but gimmick which is fun to sing and dance to (this is coming from a Pop music lover). Michael’s music is not only pop music, but messages from his heart. Songs such as “Heal the World”, “Black or White”, “Man in the Mirror”, “They don’t care about us”, “Money” and countless others are his way of telling the world his various values and positions in issues ranging from charity, race equality, injustice, cruelty, love, hope, and change for a better future. Michael believed in a better future, and his music is a testament of such beliefs. He knew that by uniting everyone through the power of meaningful music change was possible.

One of my favorite songs is “Earth Song”. This powerful ballad produces chills all over my body. This is Michael’s plead for a better world. It is a warning to humanity regarding the destruction that we are all inflicting upon the Earth for our own greedy benefits.

Through the years, Michael’s appearance changed. His true fans should respect his privacy and ask no questions regarding such change. It is none of our business. Michael was Michael. With or without surgery. Light skin tone or dark skin tone. Everything happens for a reason. Michael knew that he was under constant scrutiny from the media and other individuals. How did he respond? He recorded music. Songs such as “Leave me alone”, “Tabloid Junkie”, and “Privacy” were a direct warning to those who made up lies and stories about him to obtain good publicity. Such lies were fabricated to sell them to the tabloids and hurt Michael. Like he said, “Anything for money.”

It amazes me how people still speak negatively about Michael. He is dead. He has passed. He is in a better place now. He is no longer tormented by your disgusting ignorant judgement. Leave him alone. His true fans know who he was as a person and knew that he would never commit any indecent acts. We always stuck by him and defended him whenever anything negative came up. You are a true Michael fan when you get into fights with your family members or your best friends because they mention something negative about him and you stand up for the truth. All we must do is ignore the ignorance and hate that many people have. I feel sorry for those who cannot find it in themselves to leave Michael alone and to open their hearts to his good music and wonderful messages contained within them. Are these people forgetting how noble he was?

As fans, we must remember that Michael did not have a childhood. He was treated horribly by his own father. Can a childhood consist of constant beatings, recording in the studio, and performing on stage? I’m afraid not. I believe that childhoods should be filled with love and fun. A child needs these things to be happy during one of the most magical times of life. The song “Childhood” is Michael’s response to those who do not understand his past. “It’s in my fate to compensate for the childhood I’ve never known…” Nobody can judge Michael because nobody but himself knew what he went through in his personal life.

Michael loved his fans very much and I know for a fact we were his beloved army who faught against those who were malicious towards him. Truth be told, I am sure 99% of his fans did not know him personally, so how are we to know that he is innocent? How are to know the pure truth if we were never living with him? I don’t have the answer to that. However, I do know that his music is his way of telling us who he is. We do not need to know Michael personally because he has made us know his true self through his music. Perhaps that is why we know the truth, because we carefully listen to his music and pay attention to the melody and the words and the beautiful messages that some of his songs convey. That is why we love him so much and why we miss him. Michael IS a world humanitarian and a hero to all of his fans. His music will live on forever.